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Change 4 Change Project Returns To Local Schools, Competition To Begin Feb. 1

Change 4 Change Project Returns To  Local Schools, Competition To Begin Feb. 1 Change 4 Change Project Returns To  Local Schools, Competition To Begin Feb. 1

Pennies can make a difference. But toss in a few silver coins and it can really add up fast. That’s exactly what Roosevelt Medical Center is counting on with their Change 4 Change Project.

The competition between local schools is set to begin Feb. 1 and run throughout the month.

During the month of February, Culbertson, Bainville and Froid schools will compete to raise the most money for RMC with change jars placed at their respective campuses. They are also competing for the chance to bring home the traveling trophy for the next year. Currently, the trophy is held at Bainville School.

This project captures the very essence of what people of any age can accomplish if everyone just gives a little. The best part is watching the pride well up in the students when see what they were able to accomplish and how it impacts the patients and residents who call RMC home.

Last year, through this project, RMC was able to purchase several recliners, lift chairs and 10 bedside tables. The money that is raised also assists with the $1,600 in professional care and maintenance fees RMC must pay annually for the aviary in the residents’ sunroom.

In previous years, funds raised have also gone toward chapel couches, supplies for the activities department for reminiscence activities through music and crafts, as well exercise equipment to assist residents with range-of-motion activities for flexibility, balance, strength and endurance development.

Parents and family members will also have an opportunity to contribute to the students’ efforts. Collection jars will be available in each community at Val Am in Culbertson, the Welcome Stop in Bainville and Rod’s Mint Café, in Froid.

“This has always been a great opportunity for local youth to realize they too can make a valuable contribution to their community while instilling in them the importance of philanthropy, a lesson which hopefully stays with them the rest of their lives,” said Audrey Stromberg, RMC administrator.

For more information on how you can participate or donate to the Change 4 Change competition, contact Jaimee Green, marketing/foundation director for RMC, at 787-6476. Or email [email protected]

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