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Student Council Interrogates FBI

Northside Elementary School student council members attended a presentation on First Amendment rights by members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s regional office Tuesday, Nov. 19. The meeting took place at Spotted Bull Treatment Center in Poplar.

Community organizer Angeline Cheek extended an invitation to Wolf Point School District superintendent Loverty Erickson Nov. 7. Erickson passed the opportunity on to Northside principal Georgie Gourneau Nov. 8 and teacher/ council advisor Diane Bailey enlisted 13 members of sixth grade student council interested in attending.

The students were met by special agents Ben Binger and Craig Overby, who briefed them on First Amendment issues and threats from domestic and international terrorist groups.

“The kids were very well behaved,” said Cheek, enthusiastically. She said the student council members were thoughtful and responsive.

According to Bailey, the students quizzed Binger and Overby on missing persons, protesting and civil rights, how to find evidence, the issuance of service weapons and information about cyber crimes.

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