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School Menus

Wolf Point School Dec. 2: Breakfast: Frosted mini wheats, yogurt, oranges and milk. Lunch: Hamburgers, french fries, salad and berry cups.

Dec. 3: Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, apples and milk. Lunch: Chicken nuggets, hash browns, salad and peaches.

Dec. 4: Breakfast: Strawberry bagel bits, bananas and milk. Lunch: Barbecue pork sandwiches, baked beans, coleslaw and pears.

Dec. 5: Breakfast: Pretzel with cheese, oranges and milk. Lunch: Ham, scalloped potatoes, steamed carrots, and pineapple. *** Frontier School Dec. 2: Broccoli cheese soup and chicken nuggets.

Dec. 3: Ham and scalloped potatoes and cooked carrots.

Dec. 4: Taco boats, lettuce, and peas.

Dec. 5: Hamburger, french fries and baked beans.

Dec. 6: Pancakes, omelets and tatertots. *** Lustre School Dec. 2: Spaghetti.

Dec. 3: Chicken and rice.

Dec. 4: Chicken strips.

Dec. 5: Beef stir fry.

Dec. 6: Lasagna.

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