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Pubapalooza Marks 10 Years In Business

Zilkoskis Invest In Operations Moving Forward

Missouri Breaks Brewing held its annual autumn celebration at their 326 Main St. address Saturday, Nov. 23. This year’s celebration marked 10 years in business for the Breaks team. Brewmeister Kate Zilkoski celebrated with family, friends, and supporters, including her parents, pub co-founders Mark and Myrle Zilkoski and founding partner Mark Sansaver. Approximately 100 people attended the event.

A cookoff was judged and winners awarded. Les Wienke and Dennis Heser tied for first place in the dipping sauces contest. Aaron Kurokawa came in second, followed by Jeff Presser and Abby Higgins.

Ceceilia, Greg and Alex Solberg performed with their band, Seasons, as they have for five years running. The group performed rock and roll classics with harmonizing vocals and strong lead guitar.

According to Sansaver, the idea behind the pub was hatched nearly 15 years ago, back when locals were lucky to find one or two craft beer brands for sale at area stores. Sansaver started brewing beer and his friends and family provided tastetesting, calling themselves the Riverbottom Gang. Five years later, Sansaver teamed up with Mark and Myrle for a provisional five-year commitment.

“I told them I’d help them get the business going,” said Sansaver. He said the local response was impressive. “The community just fell in love with it.”

Mark Zilkoski told the Northern Plains Independent that the family has reinvested the pub’s future, with improvements intended to double the operation’s brewing capacity and enable brewmeister Kate to focus on distribution.

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