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National Influenza Vaccination Week Is December 1-7

Dec. 1-7 is National Influenza Vaccination Week.

Even though the holiday season has begun, it is not too late to get your flu shot.

Healthy people can also get the flu. Most recover within a few weeks, but some people can develop complications including sinus and ear infections, pneumonia, heart or brain inflammations.

An average of 60 Montanans die every year due to influenza.

Getting a flu shot yourself can also protect people around you, including those who are at higher risk of complications such as babies, small children, the elderly, and people with certain health conditions.

While the effectiveness of the flu vaccine does vary from year to year, it can significantly reduce your risk of getting the flu. For those that do come down with influenza, the flu shot significantly decreases the symptoms.

Just before going into production this year, the strains in this year’s flu vaccine were updated to better match the current circulating viruses and better protect you.

For more information and/ or to get your flu shot, call the Roosevelt County Health Department at 653-6223.

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