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Wolf Point Community Supports New Teacher

Locals Cover Cost Of Vandalism Cleanup

Demi Henderson of Scobey joined the Wolf Point School District last year as a health enhancement teacher at Southside School. In July, her house was vandalized with spray-painted tags and offensive caricatures.

When Wolf Point Mayor Chris Dschaak caught wind of the incident, he made the rounds in Wolf Point’s business district soliciting donations to cover Henderson’s outof- pocket expenses for cleaning and repair.

According to Dschaak, Wolf Point Police Chief Jeff Harada and daughter Jaki helped Henderson with initial cleanup efforts and Mark Eggebrecht was called in to do the painting and minor repairs.

In an Aug. 15 social media post, Henderson said, “I am deeply grateful for the kindness and compassion the community of Wolf Point has shown me since my house was “tagged.” The night it happened the Chief and his daughter came over to try to help me rub it off. I had multiple people reach out and give me pointers and ideas on what my next step should be. Then, to top it off, at an all-staff luncheon the mayor came to speak about many things in this community, one of them being my house. He informed me that community members and businesses throughout Wolf Point put together money to pay for my bill. Can you believe that?! A community where most people don’t even know me, but are making me feel more welcome each day.”

According to Dschaak, contributions were raised from Agland Coop, Sherman Inn, Stockman’s 220 Club, the Swap Shop, Paul’s Glass and Jaronn Boysun.

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