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Mule Deer Buck From HD 690 Suspected Positive For CWD, Sampling Effort Continues

A mule deer buck harvested by a hunter in Hunting District 690 southwest of Chinook is suspected to be positive of chronic wasting disease. The hunter had submitted their sample for testing. A follow up test is being run to confirm the results.

Including the positives found in 2018, this marks the 25th detection of CWD in Region 6, and the first in HD 690. HD 690 will now be considered part of the Northern Montana CWD Management Zone, and animal transport restrictions will apply to HD 690.

In 2019, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is continuing CWD sampling for deer, elk and moose. Sampling took place last year in Region 6, but more samples are needed in the Northern CWD Management Zone of R6, particularly mule deer does and white-tailed deer, to further determine distribution and prevalence of the disease. FWP is also sampling for CWD in southeast Montana, near Philipsburg, and in the Libby area.

Shown in the table above are the samples still needed across Region 6, as of Nov. 4. For instance, now that HD 690 is part of a CWD Management Zone, 15 mule deer bucks, 143 mule deer does, 41 whitetail bucks, and 113 whitetail does are still needed to reach sampling goals.

Hunters are the key tool for this sampling effort. The more samples FWP can collect, particularly from the CWD sampling areas, the better FWP can understand the distribution and prevalence of this disease.

“Even though we have reached our mule deer buck sampling goal in most of the districts, the more samples we have the better we can understand the distribution of the disease,” says Thompson. “We are especially in need of doe samples to help describe the prevalence of the disease in the overall deer herd,” added Thompson. “In addition, hunters may want to know if their harvest is CWD positive, and the only way this can be determined is through testing.”

In addition to the CWD sampling areas, testing is also available for hunter-harvested samples from anywhere in the state. For 2019, all CWD testing is free of charge. Hunters outside of CWD sampling areas can take the samples themselves and fill out the information sheet found online, and either mail the samples to the FWP lab in Bozeman or drop them off at a FWP regional office during business hours.

Transporting Deer, Elk And Moose Carcasses Hunters are reminded that to reduce the spread of CWD, by law, whole carcasses, whole heads or spinal columns cannot be taken out of a CWD management zone unless the animal has tested negative for CWD; note that when an animal is tested at a check station (or mailed in), it may take up to three weeks to receive results from the test. Hunters are strongly encouraged to dispose of hides, bones and trimmings at approved landfills.

In FWP Region 6, these are your options for getting your deer, elk or moose tested: To be able to get your animal tested, you must retain at least the head (with four-inches of the neck attached) for sampling and help fill out a small information card, including the location of your harvest. Once sampled, it may take up to three weeks to receive results from the test. See the options below for getting your animal tested: CWD check stations:

Three CWD check stations will be open on the weekends throughout the general season in Region 6, with the primary purpose of collecting samples from hunter-harvested deer in the Northern CWD Management Zone.

Plentywood: 10 a.m. to sunset Saturday-Sunday on the east side of the rest area at the fairgrounds.

Malta: 10 a.m. to sunset Saturday-Sunday at the gravel lot behind Westside Conoco on the north side of Hwy 2.

Havre: 9 a.m. to sunset Saturday-Sunday at the old rest stop east of Havre.

Samples from the priority areas (CWD Management Zones) will take precedence at these check stations. If the animal was harvested outside of a CWD Management Zone, there may be a wait time, or the hunter can use one of these options.

Note: All hunters need

to stop at any check station, whether it is a CWD, biological, or game warden check station. Submitting your animal for testing is voluntary.

FWP offices: Hunters can bring in their animal during normal office hours in: Glasgow: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday at the FWP Headquarters on Hwy 2 West.

Havre: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday-Friday at the FWP Havre office at 2165 Hwy 2 East.

Hunter submitted samples: Hunters can take their own sample by removing the retropharyngeal lymph nodes themselves (per online instructions at CWD). Samples can then either be dropped off at FWP Regional offices, CWD check stations or be mailed to the lab in Bozeman (hunters would have to incur the cost of shipping).

If there are any questions related to CWD, go to website at or call the Glasgow FWP office at 228-3700.

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