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Gianforte Calls On Montanans To Help Craft Montana Business Plan

Congressman Greg Gianforte, Republican candidate for governor, recemtly unveiled a major statewide initiative to address challenges facing the state, launching

At Action Electric in Billings, Gianforte called on Montanans to help identify issues the state confronts and provide their ideas for solutions.

Gianforte highlighted his experience as an entrepreneur, business leader and Montana job creator, and reminded the assembled crowd he is the only candidate for governor with such a background. Citing his business experience, Gianforte stressed the importance of creating a business plan to guide a business to success.

Turning to the state, Gianforte emphasized the need for a similar approach to guide Montana to a better future, and asked Montanans to help build a business plan.

“We’re launching a statewide effort, enlisting the help of every Montanan, to build a business plan for Montana,” Gianforte said.

“I want to hear from as many Montanans as possible, because everybody has an idea for how we can build a better Montana, one where Montanans in every corner of our state prosper, thrive and realize the American dream,” Gianforte continued.

Gianforte asked Montanans to help come up with solutions for issues, including creating good-paying jobs, protecting public lands, improving education, making health care more affordable and reducing crime and addiction.

To reach as many people as possible for their ideas, Gianforte launched MontanaBusinessPlan. com, an online portal where Montanans can submit their ideas.

Addressing the crowd, Gianforte concluded his remarks: “Together, I know we can create more higher-wage Montana jobs, prepare our kids for the future, and protect our Montana way of life. Let’s address the challenges and solve the problems we face. I know we can get there by working together to build a Montana business plan. I ask you to come join me, and build a better Montana.”

Montanans may submit their ideas and build the Montana Business Plan at www.montanabusinessplan. com.

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