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Fyfe Hired As Deputy Clerk Of Court

The Roosevelt County Commissioners held their regular public meeting Tuesday, Nov. 5, at the commissioners’ office in Wolf Point. Commissioners Gary Macdonald, Duane Nygaard and Gordon Oelkers were in attendance.

Minutes were approved for an Oct. 22 special administrative meeting, an Oct. 22 tax deed sale, the Oct. 22 regular meeting, an Oct. 25 special administrative meeting and minutes for the month of October.

During the Oct. 25 meeting, Erika Fyfe was hired as deputy clerk of district court.

Claims were accepted for Oct. 24 in the amount of $54,837.18.

A promotion pay increase was approved for treasurer employee Jenna Presser.

Annual pay increases were approved for road department employee Nufry Boysun and aging department employee Anne Heller.

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