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Sheriff’s Report

The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office responded to 61 calls from June 24 to July 1. The incidents included: June 24

Deputies assisted the Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice at a singlevehicle accident near Brockton. The report was a 2006 Dodge RAM pickup pulling a horse trailer went off the embankment and into the ravine. EMS also responded to the scene. There were no serious injuries.

Deputies assisted FPTDLJ on a call for a custody dispute in Poplar. A party expressed concern about the wellbeing of a child.

June 25

Deputies responded to a report of a struggling driver between Bainville and Culbertson. When a traffic stop was initiated, the elderly male driver explained that he was having a hard time staying awake. The passenger agreed to drive instead.

Deputies assisted FPTDLJ on a call regarding an adult male threating to commit suicide. Officials checked several residences in Fort Kipp but couldn’t locate the male.

Deputies received a report of items stolen near a Bainville oil site. The incident is still under investigation.

June 26

Deputies responded to a possible domestic call in Wolf Point. A couple was arguing about a vehicle. Deputies advised the parties to go to tribal court since they were fighting about mutual property. The male claimed that he suffered injuries. A report was sent to tribal authorities.

June 27

Deputies located an adult female and two juveniles walking along Riverside Drive in the Poplar area. Deputies were aware that the FPTDLJ was searching for the individuals.

June 29

Deputies/coroner assisted FPTDLJ with a report of an unattended death in Wolf Point. An elderly female died from natural causes.

Deputies on patrol observed an adult female sleeping on the ground at Sherman Park in Wolf Point. After waking her up, the female left the area.

Deputies assisted FPTDLJ with a report of someone was injured behind the Stockman’s Bar in Wolf Point. A male had an injured foot. The ambulance provided medical treatment.

A noise complaint of someone shooting off fireworks in the Bainville area was received. Deputies investigated the incident.

Deputies received a report from an adult male saying that someone robbed him by the old Pizza Joint building. Deputies removed people from the abandoned building.

June 30

While checking businesses in Froid, deputies found an unlocked door at a business. Cleaners forgot to lock the door.

A man at the Wolf Point hospital said he wanted to have a restraining order after a verbal argument.

Deputies received a report of a fight at the Git-N-Go in Wolf Point. The males said they weren’t actually fighting.

Deputies assisted FPTDLJ with a domestic call in Wolf Point. An adult male claimed he was pushed by his spouse. The FPTDLJ arrested a female for partner/family member assault.

July 1

Deputies received a report of a simple assault. A grandmother said she took her granddaughter to a house to collect money. The granddaughter was allegedly attacked. The incident remains under investigation.

In addition, the RCSO had the following activity: Wolf Point city limits, 14; Wolf Point rural, four; Poplar city limits, four; Poplar rural, two; Poplar FPHA, two; Culbertson town, seven; Culbertson rural, seven; Bainville town, two; Bainville rural, four; Froid town, three; Fort Kipp, five; total, 61.

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