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Museum Opens Season With New Curator

Museum Opens Season With New Curator Museum Opens Season With New Curator

Sandy Woodstock has been the Wolf Point Area Museum’s assistant for two years. This year, she is serving as the museum’s curator.

She said she started working there by meeting people on the board at senior luncheons. The museum opened on May 15 and is open to visitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

The museum has a new employee named Kaleah Whitebear, who plans to work there through the summer.

Upcoming events for the museum are new gift shop items and a pancake breakfast on Saturday, July 13.

Inside the museum you’ll find music instruments (pianos, organs, violins and unique pieces), working gramophones, an Edison wax cylinder, LIFE magazines, Native American beadwork, Wolf Point High School yearbooks of past and present, and a re-creation of a homestead house near the back.

Woodstock said that she can’t pick a favorite item in the museum since there’s so many things to choose from.

The museum’s Harvest Host campers come during summer and sleep in the parking lot with permission through a program.

Woodstock and Whitebear are looking forward to the upcoming breakfast and hope there’s a big turnout.

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