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Bainville Makes Changes To Law Enforcement Interlocal

The regular meeting of the Bainville Town Council was held May 13. Mayor Toby Romo presided at the Bainville Town Hall. Carol Rasmussen, Will Rathbun and John Gilligan were present, as was Billie Jo Cochran. Guests included Lyle Lambert, Cora Norton, Diane Panasuk and Darrell Rasmussen.

Norton asked about what can be done about people from out of town filling dumpsters. Norton also mentioned a broken light at the park.

Diane Panasuk asked permission to move her culverts located on Clinton Street to her trailer court. Romo said if they are gone from the trailer court within 30 days, no permit will be needed.

During department reports, discussion was held about fixing the road located northwest of town so it could also be used for fire protection. Casper Daniel filed for a construction permit on Clark Street. The council approved the permit.

The council hired four short-term workers: Darrel Rasmussen, Elsie Wilson, Kaelyn Romo and Lila Butikofer. There was a discussion about paying mileage and a $.50 raise for the returning workers.

The council discussed raising the current plot price from $50 to $1,000. $1,000 is the average price for a cemetery plot in Montana. Norton said the plots in Bainville Cemetery are not worth $1,000. Incremental price hikes are in planning stages.

There was discussion on the new Interlocal Law Enforcement Agreement with the Roosevelt County Sheriffs Office. The council did not agree with the terms, according to draft minutes from the meeting, but they did agree that they would sign a one-year contract with an $5,488.40 increase. RCSO will need to send the town a new agreement for approval.

Water loss was reported at 48,312 gallons, with 8.8 percent in April of 2024. The town’s goal is 10 percent or less.

The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, June 10, at 7 p.m.

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