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Smith, FourStar Battle For House District 31 Position

Smith, FourStar Battle For  House District 31 Position Smith, FourStar Battle For  House District 31 Position

Both incumbent Frank Smith and challenger Lance FourStar are confident they will win the Democratic primary for House District 31 on June 4.

Smith has served in Helena for 23 years including eight years in the State Senate.

“You know, elections can all come down to the last days,” Smith said of his feelings about the race.

FourStar, who serves on the Wolf Point City Council, says he has received at least 22 endorsements from state legislators. Endorsements have also came from the Advance Native Political Leadership and Montana Conservation Voters.

“I feel pretty good,” FourStar said. “I’ve ran a good, clean campaign.”

Smith says one of the most common issues that people bring up when he is campaigning is the distribution of marijuana tax funds.

“Not enough is coming back to the counties,” Smith said.

He noted that one city in House District 31 receives only $3,000 from the taxes.

“That doesn’t cover many potholes,” Smith said.

FourStar said many voters ask him about what state legislators’ roles. If elected, he said he will do what’s best for the district and the entire state. He would work to get tribal organizations better representation around the state.

Smith feels he is the best candidate because of his knowledge and the history that he understands.

He also claims that FourStar, when he worked as a Democratic coordinator last session, wasn’t always available.

FourStar served as the director for the American Indian Caucus during the recent legislative session. He testified in front of various legislative committees. He noted he was a joint staffer in both the House and Senate.

FourStar said he worked five days a week and that Smith knew how to get a hold of him if needed. “I was on the move, working. I definitely got floors and floors of steps every day,” he replied to Smith’s comment.

Smith says his goals, if re-elected, include improving veterans affairs.

During the last few months, FourStar has been working on the addition of automated license plate readers to the reservation. The plan is to use the ALPRs to monitor the ingress and egress of motor vehicles on the Fort Peck Reservation in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The hope is to reduce criminal activity including Missing, Murdered, Indigenous People and illegal drug activity especially fentanyl and meth distribution.

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