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Nyquist Foundation Scholarship Announces Awards

Nyquist Foundation Scholarship Announces Awards Nyquist Foundation Scholarship Announces Awards

The Thomas and Corinne Nyquist Foundation is pleased to award its 20th annual Robert and Ruth Nyquist Memorial Scholarships to Kendra Romo and Carter Winn. The two $500 scholarships are given annually to graduating seniors at Bainville High School to help with costs of college, trade or technical school.

Specifically, Nyquist Foundation scholarships are for educating students in fields relative to rural America with the hope that graduating Bainville students will choose to return and contribute to our community after their training. Romo hopes to pursue a degree in elementary education and return to teach in Bainville, while Winn hopes to become a radiology tech, also in the local area.

Scholarships are given in memory of Robert and Ruth Nyquist — long-time Bainville community members, ranching 5 miles east of Bainville from the 1940s until the 1990s. Bob and Ruth were unable to have children of their own, and so devoted much of their adult lives to helping young people in the area as well as welcoming Fresh Air Kids from Chicago many summers.

The Nyquist Foundation is a 503(c) nonprofit family foundation started by Tom and Corinne Nyquist in 2004 to give small grants to local nonprofit or governmental organizations in eastern Roosevelt County where Tom grew up, and New Paltz, N.Y. where he and Corinne lived as adults. Bainville scholarships were added to memorialize Tom’s brother Bob and his wife the following year. An essay contest in Culbertson and Froid was added a few years later.

Tom died in 2019, but Corinne and family continue the work of the foundation. Daughter and current foundation chair Lynn Nyquist and her husband John Nyquist continue to ranch the Robert and Ruth Nyquist ranch east of Bainville.

For information on the Nyquist Foundation, and application materials for grants, scholarships and the essay contest, visit www.nyquistfdtn. org. To communicate with the Nyquist Foundation, email

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