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Greenhouse Produces Products, Lessons At School

Greenhouse Produces Products, Lessons At School Greenhouse Produces Products, Lessons At School

The joy of spring could be felt at Wolf Point High School as items from the student-run greenhouse were distributed to staff and students last week.

When a staff member was needed to coordinate greenhouse activities earlier this school year, art teacher Vivian Schultz was more than happy to step up and take on the responsibilities.

“I have a green thumb and have always grown stuff,” Schultz said. “I love it.”

Several students assisted with the project, but the four students most involved were Gabriel Keiser, Lucas Fast Horse, Alex Azure and Kevin Hentges.

Items planted featured tomatoes, egg plants and peppers.

The produce, including about 300 tomatoes, were donated to staff members and students.

Lessons learned included transplanting tomatoes, proper watering and seed package identification.

“They all needed to learn how to read seed packets,” Schultz said.

If there’s a need for Schultz to coordinate the greenhouse again next school year, she aims to add some Farm to Table elements.

“I would like to provide some green things to the school kitchen if possible,” Schultz said.

The greenhouse located at Wolf Point High School was started in the fall of 2021, and then ag ed teacher Martin Toavs utilized the greenhouse to teach lessons for multiple levels of the school district.

The Fort Peck Health Promotion Disease Prevention program helped build the project.

“I feel like it’s a wasted resource if we don’t use it,” Schultz said of offering activities for students.

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