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Culbertson Bathhouse Levy Would Be Less Than Expected, If Approved

As previously reported, the overall ask to Culbertson taxpayers for the municipal pool bathhouse levy will be substantially lower than expected due to successful grant application and fundraising efforts.

The levy language on the ballots asks for approximately $750,000 to build the structure, but current funds pledged and raised thus far amount to $507,000, reducing the burden to the town down to under $200,000.

The maximum adjusted total over five years will be $40,000 per year to the town, pending bids.

For a $100,000 home, the total levy will be $38.93 per year; a $300,000 home will pay $116.78 per year and a $600,000 home will pay 233.56 per year.

Voters should be aware that funds will only be levied up to $200,000 to pay for the project, possibly less since funds continue to be raised at presstime.

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