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Olferts Honored

Olferts Honored Olferts Honored

Ron and Etta Olfert of Lustre have been honored as VFW Post #3107 EMTs of the Year and Montana’s EMTs of the Year. “With an incredible 48 years of service to the Lustre and Frazer communities, the pair have been the epitome of dedication and compassion,” said a Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital representative. “Serving on the FMDH Stat Ambulance-Lustre service, they have selflessly committed themselves to ensuring the well-being of others. Not only have they served tirelessly on the front lines of emergency medical care, but they have also gone above and beyond by housing and maintaining our ambulance, ensuring it's always ready for action. Their dedication to preparedness has been invaluable in keeping our communities safe.” Crews from Stat Ambulance - Glasgow and Stat Ambulance - Lustre recently joined together at VFW Post 3107 to celebrate the Olferts’ well-deserved recognition.

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