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MMIP Walk In Brockton

MMIP Walk In Brockton MMIP Walk In Brockton

Attendees participated in a walk/march dedicated to raising awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and People in Brockton Friday, May 3. Brockton School hosted activities dedicated to raising awareness for MMIW/P over the past week. Organizer Angeline Cheek told the Northern Plains Independent that Dakota spiritual leader Dylan Youpee spoke to youth about the connection awareness walks have to Native culture and shared songs. Veteran Brandon Martell spoke to students about how to handle and take care of the eagle staff and flags. “I wanted to empower, encourage and let the students know that their voice matters,” Cheek said. “We continue to raise MMIW/P awareness to show younger generations safety protocols and to help send prayers to the grieving families/friends because it impacts Indian Country because we all know someone that is hurting from this MMIW/P epidemic.”

(Photo by James Walling)

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