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RMC Governing Board Seeks One-Year Term Member

The Culbertson Froid, Bainville Health Care Corporation, locally known as Roosevelt Medical Center, will still have a one-year term governing board director seat available for a community member to fill.

The seat is being vacated by Amber Fox, who has served on the board for three years. Fox is leaving the board to run for the Culbertson School Board.

“Serving on the governing board and the hospitals’ Foundation Board has been an inspiring journey. I am thankful for the opportunity I was given to effect change and believe everyone could benefit from volunteering. Sometimes the opportunity you are given inspires not only you, but others to do the good work needed to make our community a great place to call home. Serving on the hospital board ensures that those in our community and the surrounding area have access to healthcare. I hope others feel inspired to continue building on the great work the Board is doing for our area,” said Fox.

The RMC board of directors is made up of five elected tax-district trustees serving three-year terms each, on an alternating basis and up to six appointed directors who serve one-year terms.

Both three-year trustee seats held by Sharon Schmitz and Kathy Thompson were won by acclamation in February with no other interested community members seeking to serve on the Board.

Hospital tax-district trustees appoint the directors for one-year terms that are concurrent with RMC’s annual meeting, which runs from May 1 through April 30. The appointed directors can be from the larger service area.

Board members must be 18 years old and be registered voters within the Culbertson, Froid or Bainville school districts.

The board meets monthly, except for August and December, and are responsible for decisions related to governance, fiduciary and quality oversight.

“Board members serve as the top of our leadership. They are community members with skills and professional backgrounds that can provide insight and advice on organizational strategy and decisions. They are responsible for looking at ways to secure the future of the facility while representing the organization in the community,” said administrator Audrey Stromberg.

The newest member will begin their term on June 25.

Anyone interested in serving should contact Stromberg at 406-787-6401.

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