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Nyquist Foundation Announces Essay Winners

The winners of the Thomas and Corinne Nyquist Foundation’s annual high school student essay contest, in collaboration with Culbertson and Froid libraries, have been announced. The topic was “How are you feeling about the future of the world and why?”

The Culbertson winning essay was “Fear of the Future” by Ivy Colvin, in which she outlined her concerns about her lack of control over the future, the increasing difficulty telling the real from the fake and the misuse of technology, especially artificial intelligence. Logan Berwick won second place for his essay “My Opinion on the Future” about his high hopes for technological advancements in communication, medicine and transportation.

In Froid, Alexis Parenteau’s winning essay discussed her solicitude, but hopefulness about the future. She was concerned about technology, the environment and people not learning from the past, but hopeful that individuals and organizations would come together to work on such problems.

The judges said, “We enjoyed reading Ivy’s essay because she fully developed her thoughts and used good examples on the subject in a well-organized essay.” They felt that “Logan’s essay was well-researched and he did a good job backing up his arguments. We also enjoyed his upbeat tone.” And, “Alexis had interesting ideas about the future and wrote with an articulate voice.”

First-place essays in each town are awarded $250 and second place $150.

The foundation noted that Jessica Kierstead at the Culbertson Library and Sheri Harvey at the Froid Library helped advertise the essay contest and coordinate with the schools. Shelly Salvevold, English teacher at Culbertson High School, also assisted.

The Nyquist Foundation is a nonprofit family foundation started by Tom and Corinne Nyquist in 2004 to give small grants to local nonprofit or governmental organizations in eastern Roosevelt County, where Tom grew up, and New Paltz, N.Y., where he and Corinne lived as adults. Annual Bainville High School scholarships were added in 2005 and the essay contest a few years later.

For information on the Nyquist Foundation and to apply for grants, scholarships or the essay contest, visit To communicate with the Nyquist Foundation, email com.

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