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MHSA Announces High School Wrestling Rule Updates

Based on an official announcement from the National Wrestling Federation, Montana High School’s wrestling will see several changes next year.

The changes will include: 1. Takedowns will now be worth three points instead of two points.

2. Nearfall will be awarded two points for two seconds, three points for three seconds, and four points for four seconds instead of the traditional two points for two seconds and three points for five seconds when a wrestler has their opponent on their back.

3. Beginning next season, wrestlers will be considered in bounds if either wrestler has one point of contact inside the boundary line. One foot or one hand from either wrestler equals one point of contact.

Girls wrestling in Montana will remain a single-class event, but will move from the current 12 weight classes to the NFHS 14 weight classes.

Boys wrestling will move from 13 weight classes to 14 weight classes.

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