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Big Howl From The East: Who Were Those Wolf Point Wolves?

Dr. Jerry Worley will present at the Butte-Silver Bow Archives at noon, May 8, a mini slice of a larger, colorful account that took place before an electrified throng in Butte on Nov. 11, 1972. It was the Class A state championship football game between Butte Central Catholic and Wolf Point, 500 miles apart, and exclusively dissimilar.

This presentation will juxtapose the personality hodgepodge that made up the Wolf Point Wolves, with their mighty foe — the defending champion Butte Central Maroons.

Worley will converge on the 1972 Wolf Point community, team, fans and their unexpected experience on the hallowed, dirt and cinder field of Naranche Stadium.

Although a sports story, this presentation will include a hefty dose of tradition, heritage and human experience.

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