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Levy Vote Upcoming On Pool Project

The public is being asked to consider a levy to support the municipal pool bathhouse project spearheaded by the Culbertson Women’s Club. The levy will ask voters to decide whether to support fundraising efforts for the project.

Efforts to obtain grant support and additional funding have been ongoing for nearly a decade and considerable private funds have been raised.

The levy reads, “WHEREAS the Town Council has caused to bring a vote to implement a mill levy to construct a new ADA compliant bathhouse to replace the existing bathhouse. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Town Council of the Town of Culbertson, Montana, the ballot will be as follows: Shall the Town of Culbertson be authorized to levy 75 mills, being approximately $75,000, for a period of ten (10) years to fund construction of a new bathhouse. The fiscal impacts on homes having a market value of $100,000 is estimated to be $101.25 each year of the levy and $202.50 on a home having a market value of $200,000.”

For more information, contact the Women’s Club on Facebook or reach out to the Town of Culbertson at 406-787-5271.

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