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Hailey Stein Dreams Of Obstetrics, Family

Hailey Stein Dreams  Of Obstetrics, Family Hailey Stein Dreams  Of Obstetrics, Family

Senior Profile

“I wanted to be a nurse my entire life,” Bainville High School’s Hailey Stein told the Community News. “I’ve always been interested in healthcare.” The 17-year-old senior has her eye on several career paths in obstetrics, mainly in nursing, though she hasn’t written off a full dose of medical school.

After early interest in psychology and psychiatry, which she now considers, “too much school,” Stein began looking into registered nursing and nurse practitioner roles. “My biggest dream is to have kids,” Stein said, “I want to help other women have children too,” Stein said her interest in the profession began with a career interest quiz administered by teacher Kellan Standley during her sophomore year. “There were a lot more options than I ever thought,” she said. In BPA, Stein specialized in ICD 10 medical coding for four years running.

After graduating, Stein will attend Minot State University in the fall, where she will tick off prerequisites in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

Stein relocated to Bainville from Hebo, Ore., near the Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Pacific Ocean, in 2019. She said the move enabled her to live closer to family including her grandmother, with whom she lives, her aunt and uncle and her mother. She said she misses having the beach a mere eight miles away from her house. “I miss it in a way that I’d visit, but I don’t think I’d ever go back.”

Along with BPA, Stein was active in cheer and pep club. She was added to the varsity cheer roster in 8th grade.

Stein’s hobbies include reading, especially fantasy and romance genres and books by author Sara J. Maas. She said she prefers paperbacks. “I have a Kindle but it doesn’t give the same feeling,” she said. Stein said her favorite teacher at Bainville is English teacher Sarah Morales. “I really enjoy the class and the room is very cozy,” Stein said. “It doesn’t seem like a classroom at all.” Stein’s summer plans include working at county fairs selling fresh squeezed lemonade, as she has for the past three years in Williston, Poplar, Sidney, Glendive, Watford City and elsewhere. This year, she plans to attend the Minot State Fair as a participant, “When you’re working, you don’t get to see anything,” she said. She said she plans to see the Lil’ Wayne concert at Minot in July and the Grey Day Tour in Milwaukee, Wis., in October.

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