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Lustre EMB Church Choir ….

Lustre EMB Church Choir 	 …. Lustre EMB Church Choir 	 ….


Lustre EMB Church Choir

The Lustre EMB Church was filled to capacity for the community Good Friday service. Pastor Wayne welcomed folks and led a choir in What Wondrous Love Is This. Jon Kliewer read the scripture of John 19:17-24. Don Traeholt led the congregation in Hallelujah What a Savior, Calvary Covers it All and The Old Rugged Cross. Abby Traeholt sang When I Survey accompanied by Karen Fast and Pastor and Jeanne Hathaway sang If That Isn’t Love.

The MB Pastor, Frank Lenihan spoke on “The Fear of the Lord”, from Proverbs 1:7 and I Peter 1:17-21, distinguishing it from other fears (snakes, spiders, needles, speaking in public). He identified five reasons why “we are called to live in reverence and fear (awe, respect, reverence) of God.” We are 1) “Privileged to call the Creator of the universe; the Sovereign ruler of the universe, Father. Jeremiah 3:19 confirms that expectation as does Matthew “When you pray, say Our Father who art in Heaven.” 2) “Because of the high price of our redemption from an empty way of life, we can be free from sin’s power. We have a freedom in our land because men and women serve to secure our freedom.” 3) “Our deliverance transcends human history: chosen before the creation of the world. It was not a plan B. Christ was born to die before Adam and Eve ever took of the forbidden fruit.” 4) “Our deliverance is anchored in two historical events; the Passover deliverance ( Exodus), and the Resurrection.” 5) “Your faith and your hope are in God ( Hebrews 13:6)”.

Pastor reflected how Pastor Dan Nefgzer was last year’s Good Friday speaker and is “now beholding the Lamb without spot or blemish.”

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