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Bainville Council Considers RCSO Contract

The Bainville Town Council held its regular meeting April 8. Guests included Lyle Lambert, David Norton, Roosevelt County Chief Deputy Patrick O’Connor and Darrell Rasmussen.

Public works director/fire chief Lyle Lambert reported that he is working on finding a better solution as to how we send our samples into the state, as postage is getting expensive. Lambert said he has also contacted the state about the crosswalk that is needed to go across Clinton Street. He said the state will come and do a study to determine if the crosswalk is necessary.

Roosevelt County Chief Deputy Patrick O’Connor presented the council with the new proposed law enforcement interlocal contract between the town and RCSO. There is a substantial increase in costs to Bainville, as the agreement hasn’t been renewed since 2014. The council did not sign the contract and tabled discussion for the next meeting.

The community development committee had a meeting on March 20. They discussed the town clean up day and grant opportunities.

The cemetery committee also had a meeting on April 4. They discussed having the back three sides of the cemetery fenced as shown on the new addition survey and having a workday with volunteer help to tear down the old fence. The council also discussed hiring a company to fix the fallen-down headstones, costs associated with purchasing a plot and details for selling of the plots in sequential order and having deeds filed with the county by the clerk. A work day is set for April 20 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the Welcome Stop donating bottled water and the town providing liability insurance for the workers. Contact the town office for more information at 406-769-2621.

Mayor Toby Romo said that he inspected the “fence” applied for by Diane Panasuk. Romo determined it is not a fence. He said it consists of storage units that are being used as a fence. Panasuk said she is going to decide if she will pay the $100 fine or tear down the structure.

The House Bill 355 Grant application was approved. The sidewalk in front of the senior center and park will be replaced this summer.

Water loss was 15,951 gallons at 3.6 percent in March. The town’s goal is 10 percent or less.

March minutes were approved, as were the Treasurer’s Report, Cash Balance Report, Bank Reconciliation Report, Expense vs. Budget, Revenue vs. Budget, Bank Statements for March 2024 and Receipts from Utility Billing.

Delinquent accounts were reviewed and approved, as were claims and payroll slips.

The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, May 13, at 7 p.m. at Bainville Town Hall.

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