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Title VI Committee Makes Budget Changes

Wolf Point’s Title VI Parent Committee approved amendments and adjusted its budget during a meeting held at Northside School on Tuesday, April 2.

The committee’s board includes chair Imogene Lilley, vice chair Holly Hamilton, secretary Lana Fourstar, teacher representative Patricia Payne and student representative Lennoxx Lilley.

Budget changes were needed because of situations with staff positions. The Native American Studies’ courses are now part-time so the salary doesn’t require salary and benefits for a full-time position. In addition, the junior high/high school didn’t receive any applicants for the home/school liaison position. With the funds available, the committee wished to address vaping, suicide prevention and academic issues in the school district.

The committee agreed to add funds in five budget areas: • Suicide prevention for grades 6-12. The amount for the program is $2,700.

• Math 180 intervention program. The cost of $20,000 aims to increase academic achievement with culturally responsive academic support.

• Anti-vaping presentations. The goal is to increase prevention activities for substance abuse. Funding change was $10,000.

• The drum making afterschool program will start at Northside on April 12. The funds of $7,800 will provide supplies for up to 80 students for cultural enrichment.

• EPI Yellowstone Credit Recovery Trip. Funding is $7,639 for the trip to help prevent drop-outs and develop strategies.

Home visits for the Northside home/school coordinator this school year included 40 in August, 50 in September, 107 in October, 93 in November, 96 in December, 139 in January, 163 in February and 111 in March.

Native American studies teacher Angela Swenson reports that she had 22 students during the first semester and 43 during the second semester. The Montana Indian Education for All Essential Understandings were used as a guide to determine which areas would be covered. For the remainder of the school year, plans are to continue studying bison restoration and the history of the Fort Peck Reservation. Projects will include having male students make ribbon shirts and learning how to bead on a loom.

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