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Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Report

The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office responded to 51 calls from March 25 to April 1.

March 25

Deputies received information from an agency in South Dakota about a welfare check being needed in Culbertson. Deputy made contact with the female at the residence regarding a male entering the property with a master key. Upon the deputy’s arrival, the female said everything was fine.

Deputies responded for a male needing medical attention in Culbertson. The male had fallen and was having breathing problems. He was transported to the hospital.

Deputies responded to Fort Kipp for a report from an elderly female who wanted to talk about drug use. Deputy noticed another female inside the residence who had a permanent restraining order. Tamara Firemoon, 49, was arrested for criminal contempt and taken to the tribal jail.

March 26

Deputies responded to Brockton to assist a male who reported that a female had assaulted in the past and was assaulting him again. No medical attention was needed.

Deputies responded to the Southside Jet Wash laundromat in Wolf Point for a report of a passed out female. An ambulance was called.

Deputies performed a welfare check on a female at the Job Service building in Wolf Point. She was told to leave the area.

Deputies responded to a call from a male in Culbertson who wanted another male to leave his residence. It was agreed that the male could stay one more night.

March 27

Deputies returned to the same residence in Culbertson. An ambulance was called because the male was too intoxicated and he was feeling suicidal. He was transported to the hospital.

Deputies received a call regarding a male being assaulted near the library in Wolf Point and then being followed. The suspect was arrested.

A female in Poplar reported she was hit in the back with a baseball bat. She then called later and said someone was trying to kick down her door. The Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice placed a male under arrest.

March 28

Deputies were called to assist the Montana Parole and Probation Office at the Silverwolf Casino. Joshua Franke, 31, of Wolf Point was arrested for criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

March 29

Deputies responded to Culbertson for a request of a probation violation report. Gy Salvevold, 42, tested positive for alcohol and was transported to the Roosevelt County jail.

March 30

Deputies responded to the Southside Jet Wash regarding a report of intoxicated individuals refusing to leave.

Deputies responded to Cenex East in Wolf Point for a report of a male who stole a large package of hamburger. The store had video footage. The case remains under investigation.

Deputies observed a male punching another male in the face on Blaine Street. Deputies advised the males to stay away from each other.

Deputies responded to a domestic family disturbance in Froid.

March 31

Deputies responded to a report in Bainville of an unknown vehicle that pulled up onto a driveway and the person was trying to punch out windows.

Deputies conducted a welfare check at the laundromat in Culbertson where a male was stranded.

In addition to the citations above, the RCSO had the following activity: Wolf Point city limits, 21; Wolf Point rural, six; Wolf Point, FPHA areas, two; Poplar city limits, three; Poplar rural, two; Culbertson town, 17; Culbertson rural, five; Bainville town, five; Bainville rural, five; Froid town, two; any other area, one; Brockton town, one; Brockton rural, one; Fort Kipp, three; total, 75.

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