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Culbertson, Wolf Point Receive Grant Funding

The Montana Department of Commerce announced last week that 32 Montana towns, cities and counties — including Wolf Point, Culbertson and Richey — will share more than $1 million of grant funding to help develop and plan infrastructure projects to increase the health and safety for those communities and their residents. The funding is through Commerce’s Montana Coal Endowment Program.

“It is vital that Montana communities have safe and reliable infrastructure systems to enable steady growth and economic expansion, for right now and for many years to come,” said Paul Green, director of the Montana Department of Commerce. “That is why Commerce will continue to allocate grants through programs like this, funding that can support eligible community development projects that will add health and safety improvements for Montanans and their communities.”

The grants include the city of Wolf Point receiving $20,000 of MCEP planning grant funding to complete a wastewater preliminary engineering report and $28,000 to complete a capital improvements plan, and $32,000 for the town of Culbertson to complete a stormwater preliminary engineering report.

The state-funded MCEP program is designed to help address the affordability of local infrastructure projects by providing grants to lower the cost of constructing public facilities.

Other eastern Montana communities and districts receiving MCEP Planning grants include:

• The Town of Jordan will receive $40,000 to complete a water preliminary engineering report.

• The Town of Richey will receive $15,000 to complete a water preliminary engineering report.

Eligible applicants for MCEP planning grants include incorporated cities or towns, counties, consolidated governments, tribal governments and county or multi-county water, sewer or solid waste districts. The funding for the program comes from revenues earned on interest from coal severance taxes.

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