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Watch Party Set At Library March 28

A watch party regarding local government is scheduled at the Roosevelt County Library on Thursday, March 28, from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

The Montana Constitution is unique in that it requires the citizens of the state be given the opportunity to vote on the option to study their form and structure of local government once every 10 years. This process is known as the Montana Local Government Voter Review and the seventh review cycle will be held 2024-2026. If you are wondering “What is this and how will it impact me?” this webinar is for you! Learn more about the Montana Local Government Voter Review purpose, process, scope, and next steps during this virtual presentation.

Ashley Kent joined the Local Government Center in July 2014 and now serves as the LGC Associate Director. She oversees the certified education programs the LGC offers for local government officials, provides governance and leadership workshops across the state, and is working to create additional education resources in response to needs expressed by local government officials throughout Montana.

This program is free to the public and anyone can attend.

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