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Area Gymnasts Place At Bozeman Meet

Area Gymnasts Place At Bozeman Meet Area Gymnasts Place At Bozeman Meet

The Battle Under The Big Sky gymnastics meet was held in Bozeman March 9-10. EMG, in one of the toughest meets of the season, had five event championships in their age groups: In gold, Aubrey Ziegler won vault, while silver gymnasts Emma Hove (balance beam and floor), Gracelyn Berg (floor) and Ila Lehner (uneven bars) earned first-place awards.

The silver team finished fourth out of 13 teams, with a huge 1.5 point improvement from the previous meet. Unfortunately, the gold team was missing several key gymnasts and did not place.

EMG’s next meet will be the state meet in Butte March 23-24. This will be the last meet of the season for EMG’s silver gymnasts, while the gold gymnasts have an opportunity to qualify for regionals in Boise, Idaho, depending on their scores at state.

Silver Level Placings Out of 10: Lehner (Circle): second vault, first uneven bars, second tie balance beam, second all-around Cora Hove (Circle): fifth vault, second tie floor, seventh all-around Mallory Meissner (Circle): fourth tie balance beam, eighth all-around Emersyn Knuth (Circle): ninth all-around Out of 11: Paislee Hanson (Circle): fourth vault, third balance beam, second floor, fourth all-around

(Photo courtesy Billi-Jo Boren)

Jud Rehbein (Richey): fifth uneven bars, seventh allaround Brooklynn Boren (Glendive): third floor, 10th allaround Serenity O’Dea (Glendive): 11th all-around Out of nine: E. Hove (Circle): second vault, fifth uneven bars, first balance beam, first floor, second all-around Chassie Sikveland (Circle): ninth all-around Out of seven: Berg (Glendive): first floor, sixth allaround Out of 11: Allie Olson (Circle): fifth tie floor, eighth tie all-around Out of 10: Autumn Buscho (Glendive): sixth uneven bars, did not compete all-around (coming back from injury) Silver Level Scores (Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor, All-Around) Lehner: 9.325, 9.8, 9.325, 9.15, 37.6 Hanson: 9.25, 9.225, 9.325, 9.425, 37.225 E. Hove: 9.3, 9.0, 9.3, 9.325, 36.925 Berg: 9.125, 9.3, 8.85, 9.475, 36.75 Rehbein: 9.025, 9.375, 8.95, 9.1, 36.45 C. Hove: 9.05, 9.025, 8.8, 9.25, 36.125 Olson: 9.05, 8.65, 8.75, 9.3, 35.75 Meissner: 8.75, 9.15, 8.9, 8.9, 35.7B oren: 9.1, 8.775, 8.05, 9.375, 35.3 Knuth: 8.8, 8.825, 8.05, 8.85, 34.525 Sikveland: 8.65, 8.45, 8.2, 8.3, 33.6 O’Dea: 8.65, 8.4, 7.85, 8.625, 33.525 Buscho: 0.0, 9.0, 8.05, 0.0, 17.05 Gold Level Placings Out of seven: Ziegler (Glendive): first vault, third uneven bars, third balance beam, fourth tie floor, third all-around Out of nine: Justine Massar (Circle): fifth uneven bars, ninth all-around Out of 12: Ava Hove (Circle): sixth vault, third uneven bars, third tie balance beam, fourth tie floor, third allaround Peyton Cool (Glendive): third tie vault, fifth tie uneven bars, fifth all-around Out of 12: Nomi Deserly (Wolf Point): third balance beam, 11th all-around Gold Level Scores (Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor, All-Around) Ziegler: 8.8, 9.1, 9.15, 8.975, 36.025 A. Hove: 8.7, 9.225, 9.0, 9.1, 36.025 Cool: 8.75, 9.025, 8.5, 8.9, 35.175 Deserly: 7.65, 8.95, 9.075, 8.35, 34.025 Massar: 8.25, 9.05, 7.875, 8.45, 33.625

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