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Toavs Seeks To Remain In County Positions

Jeri Toavs filed for the position of county clerk of district court and county superintendent of schools because she wants to continue in the roles she has held since 2014.

Toavs was hired by retired clerk of district court Patricia A. Stennes to be her deputy clerk of court in 1999. When Stennes retired in June of 1014, Toavs was appointed clerk of district court/county superintendent of schools by the Roosevelt County commissioners. She has been re-elected to the position every four years since 2016.

“I have been serving Roosevelt County in the Office of Clerk of District Court/ County Superintendent of Schools Office for almost 25 years and as the Clerk of District Court/County Superintendent of Schools for almost 10 years. I believe in the judicial process and the right to a free and public education,” Toavs said. “I believe that my education, training, and experience will be a benefit and an asset to the citizens of Roosevelt County, and I would be honored to continue to serve the citizens of Roosevelt County as their Clerk of District Court/ County Superintendent of Schools.

Through education and testing, Toavs has obtained the status of a certified clerk with the Montana Clerks of District Court Association. To maintain certification through the MACDC, she must complete continuing education. The association’s goal is to ensure clerks possess the necessary education and knowledge to completely perform their duties in compliance with the current statues enacted by the Montana Legislature.

Toavs currently serves on the MACDC’s education committee, which works to ensure that clerks have access to the necessary information to perform their duties in compliance with the current statues. She also serves on the best practices committee, which makes recommendations to the MACDC regarding policies that should be standardized throughout the state. As a member of the best practices committee, she works with the committee and members of the Board of Education and the legislative committee to make sure that procedures that are adopted comply with the current laws. She also serves on the automation committee, which provides information and guidance to the Office of the Court Administrator regarding the computer and technical programs utilized by the clerks of district court.

Roosevelt County combines the office of clerk of district court with the office of county superintendent of schools. As superintendent of schools, she registers and files teaching certificates. She is also responsible for registering home school children, bus drivers and bus routes. The office ensures all required forms are sent to the Office of Public Instruction and approved. The office works with each of the school districts in the county and assists with budgeting and calculation of mills.

The office has the enjoyable role of coordinating the county spelling bee, which includes the preparation of materials and prizes.

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