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School Menus

Frontier School March 18: Tatertot casserole, fruits and veggies.

March 19: Indian butter chicken over rice, fruits and veggies.

March 20: Sloppy joes, fries, fruits and veggies.

March 21: Poppyseed chicken, noodle casserole, fruits and veggies.

March 22: Pizza, fruits and veggies.

*** Wolf Point School March 18: Breakfast: Cook’s choice. Lunch: St. Patty’s-themed meal. Golden nuggets, green spuds, green apples, green beans and green salad.

March 19: Breakfast: Cook’s choice. Lunch: Beef tostadas and applesauce.

March 20: Breakfast: Cook’s choice. Lunch: Mandarin orange chicken, rice, pineapples, garden salad, fortune cookies and carrots.

March 21: Breakfast: Cook’s choice. Lunch: Ham and scalloped potatoes, pears, broccoli, garden salad and dinner rolls.

*** Lustre School March 18: Chicken burgers.

March 19: Curry chicken.

March 20: Chili dogs. March 21: Chicken noodle soup.

March 22: No school. Schmeckfest.

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