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High Line Apothecary Serves Nashua Area

High Line Apothecary Serves Nashua Area High Line Apothecary Serves Nashua Area

Marijuana cultivator and medical dispensary owner Carlos Valle moved his wife June and their young family to Glasgow from Huntington Beach, Calif., in 2016. The Valles and their two young children wanted to experience a Montana lifestyle and be closer to relatives already living in the area.

Valle soon became known as one of the region’s premier portrait photographers, winning several awards from the state newspaper association and cementing lasting friendships in the community.

“When my wife’s job pulled us back to California,” he said, “I always knew I wanted to come back to this area if the opportunity was there.”

The opportunity presented itself as a business venture in 2020, when Valle returned to Valley County and purchased property along Porcupine Creek at the western edge of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation near Nashua.

The first plants went in December 2021. Since then, there have been several harvests and High Line Apothecary medical cannabis dispensary was born.

Valle said his interest in cultivating medical cannabis dates from abdominal surgery in 2016.

“I was prescribed opioids for the pain but they made me feel sick,” he said. “A doctor suggested cannabis as an alternative and it really helped.”

He told the Northern Plains Independent that he hopes to offer recreational sales as well as medical once the state’s moratorium on new providers is lifted. Valle said high end, boutique cannabis has always been his focus.

“Quality is my emphasis as a grower,” he said, “and as a consumer.”

For more information about High Line Apothecary, call 406-263-7269 or visit their Facebook page.

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