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Diekhans Files For County Attorney Office

Diekhans Files For  County Attorney Office Diekhans Files For  County Attorney Office

Recently hired Roosevelt County Attorney Theresa Diekhans has filed for the 2024 election to determine the position in the future.

Diekhans, who started serving as the county attorney on Feb. 20, said she feels comfortable in the office and Roosevelt County.

“It’s northeastern Montana. It’s a beautiful area,” Diekhans said. “But I see the needs too.”

She is no stranger to northeastern Montana. During 1995-2000, she managed two restaurants/casinos in Glasgow for family members.

She also isn’t a stranger to the rural lifestyle since she grew up in the Great Falls’ area and her father was a farmer. “I understand that background,” Diekhans said.

Diekhans earned her law degree from Gonzaga University. After first working in private practice in Great Falls, she served in the Cascade County Attorney’s office. She worked for the child protection unit of the Montana Attorney General’s office from 2010-2014.

She went on to work for the office of public defenders including leading the office in Havre in 2019. She then accepted the roles as the Lewistown City Attorney and Fergus County Deputy Attorney.

Diekhans said she enjoyed her duties in Fergus County, but she wanted to step into more of a leadership position and that’s what interested her about the position in Roosevelt County.

She said it has been a smooth transition for her in Roosevelt County. People have been welcoming to her as far as the sheriff’s office, commissioners, her office and other county offices.

Diekhans feels her strengths include her experience of working in criminal law for 17 years.

“I’ve made the jump because I feel it’s right for me and Roosevelt County. I’m here to work for the citizens,” she said. “I’m very excited to work here.”

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