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Changes Announced For Highway Patrol

Changes Announced For Highway Patrol Changes Announced For Highway Patrol

Montana Highway Patrol trooper T’Elle Evans is continuing to do what she wants to do and exactly where she wants to perform her duties.

The Wolf Point native has recently been promoted to the rank of sergeant. She is now the head of the Wolf Point dispatchment.

Evans has served with the highway patrol since February 2019, after being a full-time student and working at the Roosevelt County jail while attending college.

“I love the job. I love working and giving back to the community where I’ve lived my whole life,” Evans said.

Evans credits Captain Jeff Kent for getting her interested in law enforcement.

“I always thought her younger brother was more interested,” Kent laughs. “I have known her for a long time. Her mom’s been my barber forever.”

While T’Elle’s brother, Cale, went the route of being a traveling nurse, T’Elle has been making her mark as a trooper. She received the Hedstrom Award for going above and beyond the call of duty. The award is the second highest honor that the Montana Highway Patrol gives out.

“I would never quit,” Evans said. “I don’t know what else I would do.’

Evans reports that the Wolf Point dispatch currently has six troopers including two who are going through their 10-week training program. The dispatch includes Plentywood, Scobey, Glasgow and Culbertson, which covers about 13,000 square miles.

Kent explains that the 17-county eastern Montana district has 13 active troopers. The district would have 27 troopers if it was fully staffed. Kent was promoted to the position of captain last September.

Kent said that finding law enforcement officers is a nation-wide challenge.

“We’re always looking,” he encouraged people to consider working for the highway patrol as a career.

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