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Signs Point To Warmer Than Normal Temps

Nick Vertz of the National Weather Service in Billings and Ted Jamba, head meteorologist of the National Weather Service in Glasgow, held their monthly weather- ready briefing for Montana and northern Wyoming last week.

They noted that Montana, especially south central parts of the state, experienced a decent wet month during February. There was lighter moisture in far eastern Montana.

Temperatures were fairly average, but near-record high temperatures were reported near the end of January.

“February has been pretty normal and for the most part there were no drastic swings for Glasgow or Billings,” Vertz said.

Temperatures were a little above normal especially for northeastern Montana from Feb. 1-24.

The meteorologists noted a high wind event on Feb. 23--26 that featured high wins of 82 miles per hour in Billings, 77 in Big Timber and 71 in Livingston.

The two-week outlook anticipates temperatures near normal and precipitation below normal. The extended forecast is for drought development likely for far northern Montana.

As far as the outlook for March, temperatures are anticipated to be above normal. There are not clear cut signs regarding precipitation.

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