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Untersehers To Serve As Guest Speakers At Church

Untersehers To Serve As Guest Speakers At Church Untersehers To Serve As Guest Speakers At Church


It was about noon one day when Evangelist Ken Gaub and his family pulled into Des Moines, Iowa. They were traveling evangelists singing Gospel music as he preached in citywide crusades across America. The family of five lived in a converted Silver Eagle Trailways bus.

The family was ready to get out of the bus and get something to eat. Ken pulled into Pizza Hut, one of the kids’ favorite places to eat. One by one, they exited the bus and headed toward the restaurant. His wife paused at the door and said, “Are you going to join us.” Ken had a lot on his mind and told her he was going for a walk to think and pray instead of eating pizza.

A phone began to ring in the phone booth he walked past. “I’m in a large city” he pondered, “so why should I answer it. It couldn’t be for me.” The phone continued to ring, as he walked for some distance. He stopped and listened for a few more rings. “Someone needs to answer that phone,” he said to himself, as he turned around and made his way back to the phone booth.

“Hello”, he spoke gently. “Hello, is this Evangelist Ken Gaub?” a lady’s voice responded inquisitively. He paused for a few seconds and then slowly said, “Yes, it is, but how did you know it was me who would answer this payphone? “No, we have never met. I have never heard your name until today,” she said adding to the mystery.

How could a lady who lived in California call him on a public payphone in a large city more than a thousand miles from his office and address him by his full name? “How can I help you,” he asked cautiously?

“I am very depressed and I’m going to end my life today if you can’t help me,” she said. “I have been praying and asking God to help me make sense out of my life. God gave me your name and this phone number and said if I would call, you would help me.”

Being spiritually moved by the miraculous nature of what he had just experienced, he immediately began to pray for the lady. He could hear her weeping as the Lord gave him the words to say. He shared Scriptures and encouragement. After several minutes, she assured him she would be all right.

God’s got your number. He knows where you live. There isn’t anything God doesn’t know about you. He sees you when you weep in the night and can’t sleep because of circumstances you don’t understand. He knows your loneliness and fear. He loves you with a supernatural love, which is the highest form of love attributed to the kind of love that drew Jesus to the cross. He wants to be your friend and companion. He said he would never leave you nor forsake you.

My wife, Sharon, and I are guest speakers at Wolf Point Assembly of God Church Sunday, March 3. Service time is 10 a.m. All are encouraged to attend.

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