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On Feb. 10, Gary and Roxann Funk were in Great Falls as Gary’s Dad, David Funk was inducted into the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame along with 23 others from throughout Montana. The event took place at the Heritage Inn. Along with those from Montana, extended family came to the event from Tennessee, Minnesota, South Dakota, California and Washington. Gary and sister, Arlene received a plaque in honor of their dad.

Congratulations to the LCHS basketball teams in their victories last Saturday in Glasgow. The girls beat Circle in overtime 44-42. Third quarter ended Lustre 32, Circle 31. It was tied at 33 with 3.46 left in regulation time, and 42 at the end. Kencia’s threes, Alexa’s freethrows, Lauryn’s rebounding, Lauren and Abby giving the starters needed rests were all so helpful Our hearts were pounding as Hannah Brown made her freethrow with 4 seconds to go in OT. The LCHS girls’ team won third place at the tournament, and will be playing Bainville, on Thursday, Feb 29, at 6 pm in Glasgow.

The LCHS boys team took the championship 55-39 against Scobey. They will be playing Savage at 7:30 Wednesday, Feb. 28.

The Valley County Spelling Bee was held Feb 21, at the Lustre Grade School gymnasium, with 25 students participating from the Frazer, Hinsdale, Lustre, Nashua and Opheim schools. Jennifer Zerbe (head), Lisa Neufeld and Kathleen Dambois were judges. Alicia Olfert gave the group a lesson on Noah Webster who lived 1758 in Connecticut during the American Revolution. Participants were Wheeler Dambois, Jersey Cornwell, Cooper Albus, Reese Bowman, Kort Strommen, TJ Miller, Harlo Reddig, Paytin Stenglein, Shaden Batalla, Cassidy Mail, Kaitlyn Old Person, Jamari Johnson, Rose Longee-Degreek, Justin Schiller, Wyatt Sibley, Reata Walden, Brittany Fuller, Sidney Cotton, Holly Hilkemann, Kencia Brown, Aubri Mail, John Yeska, Lana Mason and Kassidy Hentges. The five who stayed standing to the last round were Holly Hilkemann of Lustre, Rose Longee-Degreek of Nashua, Justin Schiller of Lustre, Cooper Albus of Hinsdale and Shaden Batalla of Opheim. Winning the Valley County Spelling Bee was Justin Schiller, sixth grade of Lustre. Second place was won by Shaden Batalla, grade four of Opheim. The State Spelling Bee will be held March 2, at Montana State University.

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