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Housing, Security Discussed At WPCO Meeting

Housing, Security Discussed At WPCO Meeting Housing, Security Discussed At WPCO Meeting

Housing and law enforcement were among the topics discussed during the Wolf Point Community Organization’s meeting last week.

It was reported that Neil Taylor resigned on Friday, Feb. 16, as director for the Fort Peck Housing Authority. The staff feel that planned projects can still be completed. The director position opening will be advertised.

Questions were presented regarding security issues at housing areas. Acting chief of police Lewis Matthews said he was attempting to improve a lot of things since taking office.

“If somebody calls, we will show up. We will,” Matthews said.

He agreed to meet with the housing committee.

Later during the meeting, Matthews requested the public’s assistance. People need to report criminal activity. That includes providing information of individuals who have warrants for their arrest.

“If anybody sees anybody, give us a yell,” Matthews said.

Tribal Executive Board member Roxanne Gourneau reported that many key positions are being advertised to be filled. TEB is looking at providing a replacement structure at the rounda- bout in Poplar and having a new cemetery in Poplar. Discussions are taking place regarding a VA monument in recognition of all veterans.

Gourneau said that Wolf Point will have a new HeadStart building. There have been discussions about the tribes taking over management of Fairweather Street from the surface up in Wolf Point.

Gourneau added there have been a lot of legal discussions regarding the selling of marijuana on the reservation.

WPCO approved providing a $1,000 memorial for John Weeks.

“These people were framers for us to have what we have today,” Gourneau said. “We need to celebrate the sacrifices they made for us.”

WPCO approved giving $3,000 to the Bigger Sky Kids for an arts program and $3,000 for Wolf Point’s post prom activities.

Wolf Point City Council member Lance FourStar reported that the Drug Enforcement Agency and Sheridan Electric have reviewed the sites for the addition of automated license plate readers. FourStar said it’s important to recognize that the reservation is a target for fentanyl.

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