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Trustees Discuss Election Options

Disappointed with the turnout of recent elections, the Wolf Point School Board members wondered if having a mail ballot or a poll election would be the best option for this year’s trustee election.

“It’s been pretty dismal,” trustee Michael Turcotte said of voting participation.

Turcotte said that about only 5 percent of registered voters have been taking part in school elections.

Naomi Erickson of the district office said that a poll election would cost the district more because of the need to pay election judges. She added the district switched from poll elections to mail elections in the past due to poor participation.

With trustee elections possible in three districts, two individuals would be required to work at each district voting site. When mail ballot elections take place, voters can still cast their ballots in person at the district office. High school principal Kim Hanks said she doesn’t feel it’s well known that people can vote at the district office and that fact should be advertised better if a mail ballot election takes place.

Turcotte said if trustees decide to have a mail ballot election, trustees need to seriously look at voting percentages.

Trustee Mark Zilkoski made the motion to have a mail-in ballot election, but for the school district to advertise and make clear that in person voting can be done at the district office. The motion passed by a 3-1 margin with Turcotte voting against the motion.

Individuals hired during the meeting on Monday, Feb. 13, included assistant cooks Dana Oleyte, Ayanna Archdale and Rheanna Wetsit, substitute teacher Ashley Schwarzrock, afterschool substitute para Katrina Hines, junior high track coaches Marques White Horse and Scott Montgomery and activity bus driver Tim Kulbeck.

Open positions in the district include dean of students at Southside, secondary math teacher, family school coordinator at high school/ junior high, paraprofessionals, a strength training teacher, school resource officer, high school special education teacher, music teacher, science teacher, Native American Studies teacher and elementary teachers.

Facilities director Shane Reed discussed repairs and improvements needed in the school district. During the extreme cold spell, a sprinkler line froze and broke at the high school. One boiler is currently down at Southside. Staff are now conducting boiler checks each day at the schools.

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