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Special Meeting Scheduled For Bathhouse Levy Talks

Members of the Culbertson Women’s Club were on hand at the Culbertson Town Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 12, to further discussions about increasing funding for the bathhouse project via public levy.

Total project costs are estimated to be at least $750,000. The club has raised a portion of the cost via private fundraising efforts, and grant funding may cover a significant amount of the project if a pending application is successful. A special meeting was set for Feb. 23, at 6 p.m. to discuss the matter. Organizer DeAnne Weeks told the council that the local community will suffer without a bathhouse structure to compliment the municipal pool. “The town will die,” she said. “You’ve got to try and keep people here.”

Craig Canfield with KLJ Engineering outlined options for new construction at Culbertson’s Big Sky Field. The project budget originally included a pilot’s lounge and mezzanine, but the single bid received on the project came in more than 50 percent higher than expected. The council voted to repackage the project to limit its initial scope to one building for the town’s new snow plow. Bids will be sought.

Ruth Kendig with the Culbertson Seniors put forward a request to have the council fund a cart at a cost of approximately $250 for moving heavy metal tables at the senior center. The council decided instead to purchase two affordable lightweight tables, which are easier and safer to handle, at a comparable price.

A sketch plan was approved for demolition of a blighted property at 109 1st Avenue W. The plan includes construction of a new home at the site.

The council voted to add a government review option with a potential budget of up to $5,500 to the June ballot.

Ashley Kent with Montana State University’s Local Government Center appeared via Zoom to answer questions about the voter review process.

An ICS account with Opportunity Bank was approved by the council, as was a maintenance contract with PACE for sewer cleaning. Clerk Terri Merrill was approved to attend the clerks institute training in May.

Public hearings were held for Resolution 519 regarding the new lighting district, which passed, and Resolution 521 related to project funding for House Bill 355, which was tabled for further discussion. Plans for the funding have been narrowed to three options, including windows for the town hall building, garage doors for a town maintenance building and repairs to pumps needed for the wastewater system. A finalized list is expected at the March 11 council meeting.

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