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Dense fog covered our region until Wednesday with rain last Sunday and 26 degree temps making ice on the gravel. Warmer temperatures and clearing skies came Wednesday and Thursday. Many prayers went up for those traveling to Billings with students competing in the FIRST Lego League Qualifying Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 20.

The Lustre Lego Lions Club is open to fourth to eighth graders. This year’s theme was “Masterpiece” and they were challenged to create an innovation of what art would be in the future, using robots to demonstrate the idea with a clear presentation to judges.

The Lustre Lego Lions won the right to compete at the state tournament in Bozeman on Feb. 3, Drew Reddig said, with their robot canvas paintbrush programmed to transfer and spread art from museums to a broader, hopefully worldwide audience.

Nancy Schiller explained that in the future an artist could stay in one location and use technology to paint in other locations, making their art masterpieces more accessible.

When asked why they chose to be in Lego league, Coleman Hilkemann said he joined because it was fun. Reddig said he joined the club “to learn how to program robots and do engineering” and ended up “learning teamwork” in the tournament. Curt Teichroew joined because he could be with friends and do things together.

When asked what challenged them at the tournament, Justin Schiller said “a challenging undertaking was learning to work well as a team.” Reddig applied a quote from an NBA basketball player, Stephan Carry that he’d taught the others. “Success is born out of faith, undying passion and relentless drive.” They needed all three to get to round three.

Reyneke and Olfert talked of the teamwork needed to present skits to communicate their innovation. The team was awarded “The Rising Star” award at the end of round two, and the Core Values Award for their consideration and kindness to other teams and to each other after round three.

Looking ahead, next Wednesday is derby night at Awana. It’s fabulous! Tuesday, Feb. 6 selected junior high students will travel to Savage for the Math Counts competitions. Wednesday Feb. 7, is the LGS spelling bee for grades 4-8.

Jesse Darin Brown was born Wednesday morning, Jan. 24, to Michael and Kaitlyn Brown of Lustre. Grandparents are Sarah and the late Darin Brown and Kelly and Michelle Toavs. Great-grandparents are Dennis and Evonne Brown and the late Willard and Midge Toavs.

Kim Klatt and Debbie Lenihan have decorated the classrooms and doors to cheer the students in the cold winter. With a princess and foods (berry, bacon, pizza, cookies, fries and chocolates), they have brought an early valentines theme to the school with their masterpieces.

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