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Edgar Jones

Edgar Jones, 67, of Poplar died Jan. 15, 2024, in Billings.

He graduated from high school May 16, 1977. He then enlisted in the Army as a nuclear specialist from 1979– 1983. After being discharged from the Army, he went on to graduate from the Fort Peck Community College, earning his associate of arts in general studies in May 1997. He then enrolled in Rocky Mountain College. He graduated in 2001, earning his associate and bachelor’s degrees in the process.

He loved family and friends. He was often seen around one or the other. His humor and personality was infectious to those who found themselves in his company.

He enjoyed watching sports, mainly football and basketball. His favorite football team being the Minnesota Vikings and his favorite basketball team being the LA Lakers. Also, he was often seen watching his favorite TV shows, Law & Order, NCIS, and various other shows. He was always seen carrying a Mountain Dew. It was his all-time favorite drink

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