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TEB Approves Police Hires, Resolutions

The resolution log for the full Tribal Executive Board meeting in Poplar for Jan. 8-9 includes the following motions: A memorandum of understanding was approved between the State of Montana and the Fort Peck Tribes regarding buffalo from Yellowstone National Park. The MOU is a revision including outside organizations instrumental in preserving the genetic purity of animals from the park.

The board approved a motion authorizing the creation of a legal opinion on behalf of the Fort Peck Tribes regarding the handling of interviews by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Tribal health was approved to accept referrals from other health care providers and Nurse Practitioner Frances Cook was approved to conduct sexual assault nurse exams on an on-call basis at the rate of $300 per exam to be reimbursed by the Tribal Health Department.

A motion was approved authorizing the Fort Peck Tribes construction manager Bruce Nordwick to provide a retention incentive to ARPA laborers who meet the performance based criteria. A new contract with Action Strategy for consulting services at Spotted Bull Recovery Resource Center was also approved.

Norval Electric Cooperative Inc. was approved to install, operate, maintain or remove underground and overhead electrical facilities in Frazer. The Natural Resources department was approved to advertise for an environmental consultant.

The Russell Kirn property north of Poplar was approved for purchase at a cost of up to $320,000. A non-enrolled- member home site was approved for Kim Black Eagle in Wolf Point.

The proposed budget for noxious weed control was approved for 2024. A letter was approved supporting an annual grant to facilitate the Ironworkers Training Program for Native Americans and Red Bird Woman Center was approved as primary contact to submit the FY24 TVSSA Phase 1 formula grant for funding to enhance support services for victims of crime on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

Nicholas Grey Bull, Jordan Clark and David Dale were approved for hire as tribal police officers pending background checks. The education director’s request to accept a reclassification from the education assistant/ financial technician scale and retain her step was approved.

Megan Gourneau’s resignation letter from the position of tribal operations manager was accepted.

The board approved the reclassification of Bruce Marottek in his position as director of maintenance.

Council member Dana Buckles was approved as a representative for the national budget meeting.

The next full TEB meeting is set for Monday, Jan. 22, at 9 a.m.

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