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Students Excel At BPA Regional Conference

Students Excel At BPA Regional Conference Students Excel At BPA Regional Conference

Area students fared well during the Business Professionals of America’s regional competition held in Lambert on Wednesday, Jan. 10.


Bainville’s administrative support team featuring Addison Hansen, Kaiden Holmes, Adyson Telck and Azure Mahoney earned first place.

Hallie Iverson took first place in advanced desktop publishing and intermediate word processing. Kaiden Holmes was first in python programming. Mahoney took first in fundamental spreadsheet applications.

Taking top honors for global marketing was the team of Kaelyn Romo, Kendra Romo, Hailey Stein and Carter Winn. Also taking first was the parliamentary procedure team of Tally Berwick, Iversen, Kendra Romo, Elsie Wilson and Rowan Wilson.

The small business management team of Reese Harmon, Logan Josephson and Alex Strickland placed second. Individuals earning second were Kendra Romo in advanced desktop publishing and Iverson in health insurance and billings.

Berwick placed third in extemporaneous speech. CoraMay Theige placed third in integrated office applications.

Taking fourth were Bronc Bilquist in device configuration and troubleshooting, Iverson in medical coding, Adyson Telck in health research presentation and Josephson in fundamental accounting.

Rowan Wilson placed fifth in extemporaneous speech and Carter Winn took fifth in advanced desktop publishing. Isabelle Anderson was fifth in advanced desktop publishing.

Kaelyn Romo was sixth and Hailey Stein took seventh in advanced desktop publishing. Winn was seventh in banking and finance. Elsie Wilson was seventh in fundamental accounting and Tally Berwick took eighth. Kaelyn Romo earned seventh in medical coding. Telck was eighth in intermediate word processing. Holmes placed eighth and Keagan Vaira took ninth in extemporaneous speech. Kalli Harmon earned eighth in basic office systems and procedures. The podcast production team featuring Lane Giese, Kalli Harmon and Keagan Vaira placed seventh. Iverson placed ninth in graphic design promotion.

Highlights for Bainville in the middle school competition included first-place honors for Brooke Wineinger in extemporaneous speech and graphic design promotion, Bella Stein in human resource exploration, the presentation team of Eleanor Iverson, Blake Reed and Wineinger and the visual design team of Bella Stein and Janae Wheeler.


Leading Culbertson High School was Briseida Guzman-Noguez with a first-place showing in fundamentals of web design.

Earning honors in SOL data fundamentals were Jazzmin Fugure in third, Leandra Perkins in fourth and Ayden Ator in fifth.

Isabella Apple took 10th place in basic office systems and procedures.


For the Froid program, 24 out of 31 students earned their way to the state competition.

First-place honors were earned by Cian Logan in extemporaneous speaking and advanced spreadsheets, Kaylee Olson in ethic/pro, the presentation team featuring Keira Stentoft, Jordyn Breuer and Isabellee Nordwick, I. Nordwick in fundamental word and Lilly Johnson in basic office. Placing second were Logan in integrated office, Nate Stentoft in advanced spreedsheet, Breuer in fundamental word, Avery Johnson in fundamental word, the broadcast team featuring Logan, Roberto Orozco, Milo Stangeland and Owen Logan, Addison Elvsaas in individual presentation and Brooklyn Nordwick in open test.

Earning third were L. Johnson in open test, C. Logan in advanced word, Olson in advanced OSP, Macie Elvsaas in basic office and Leah Murray in fundamental word. Sol Grainger placed fourth in integrated office and Joseph Robertson placed fourth in interword procedures. Taking fifth were Mara Salvevold in interview, B. Nordwick in advanced OSP and Cody Olson in basic office.

Froid students placing sixth were Salvevold in advanced OSP, Elvsaas in financial management and Jacob Martensen in interword procedures, Taking seventh were Robertson in advanced OSP and O. Logan in basic office. The podcast team of Grainger, Mason Dethman and Robertson placed eighth. Also earning eighth were Haven Martensen in fundamental word and fundamental spreadsheets and Trent Williams in advanced OSP.

Placing ninth were C. Logan in ethic/pro, B. Nordwick in interview and finance management, N. Stentoft in advanced OSP and K. Stentoft in basic office. Taking were Salvevold in financial management, Jaeleigh Davidson in advanced OSP, L. Johnson in open test and M. Elvsaas in interview.

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