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Roseina Janice Kirby

Roseina Janice Kirby Roseina Janice Kirby


Roseina Janice Kirby was born on Feb. 6, 1961, in Sidney, Mont., to Shannon Clay and Juanita (Cooper) Olson.

In the words of her son, “Don’t know what to say. My momma, my wonderful momma. Oh, how I will miss you.”

Roseina always lit up any room she entered with her cheerfulness and happiness, even when she felt bad. She was always ready to help people who were in need.

She took care of her grandma, Louise Cooper, for many years and was always helping her mom with meals and housekeeping.

Roseina loved collecting rocks and being by the river. She was always doing and learning new hobbies.

She was raised with a family of 14 children, including Bruce, Misty, Zenas, Shannon, Lynnette, Randy, Russell, Lloyd, Tracy, Melvin, Daisy and Rose. Plus, she had extended families with Roger and Andella Miller family and her stepdad’s family, the Olsons. Every one was a cherished, special friendship, especially her stepdad in whom she often confided.

Roseina, 52, passed away on Jan. 3, 2024, at Roosevelt Medical Center in Culbertson, Mont., with loved ones by her side.

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