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Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Report

The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office responded to 61 cases from Jan. 2-7.

Jan. 2

Deputies received a complaint from a Wolf Point woman regarding a protection order violation. She said she was being harassed on social media. The deputies took the complaint.

Deputies assisted the Wolf Point Police after receiving information of a suicide threat at the river. Law enforcement didn’t locate anybody by the river bank. City police later found the individual, who was fine.

Jan. 3

Deputies received a request from federal probation officers to check on an adult male. Probation officer located and tested the male.

Deputies responded to a complaint from an adult male of an alleged assault in Poplar. Male said he was punched in the face and someone damaged his door. A deputy documented the incident.

Deputies responded to a complaint from an adult male of another alleged assault in Poplar. The male said he was punched in the face. Deputy filed a report with tribal court for a warrant regarding a simple assault.

Deputies received a call from the hospital in Culbertson to assist as a coroner for a natural cause death.

Jan. 4

Deputy/coroner responded to an address in Wolf Point for a deceased elderly male who died from natural causes. The next of kin was contacted. Deputies stayed until the funeral home arrived.

Jan. 5

Deputy/coroner assisted the Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice and WPPD for a male found deceased from natural causes. Deputies assisted the funeral home.

Deputies assisted the WPPD to located an adult female with state warrants. Morgan Long was arrested on authority of two warrants.

Jan. 6

Deputies responded to a house fire in Fort Kipp. Deputies assisted the Culbertson ambulance with a handicapped male.

Deputies received a report of a stolen GMC pickup in Culbertson.

Jan. 7

Deputies assisted WPPD with a domestic violence call. The suspect fled the search and couldn’t be located.

Deputies received a report of a missing adult female from Wolf Point.

In addition to the citations above, the RCSO had the following activity: Wolf Point city limits, 11; Wolf Point rural, three; Poplar city limits, two; Poplar FPHA, two; Culbertson town, nine; Culbertson rural, seven; Bainville rural, five; Froid town, one; Brockton rural, two; Fort Kipp, three; total, 50.

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