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Charles Nerud

Charles “Chuck” Nerud, 72, of Missoula, formerly of Circle, died at his home in Missoula on Dec. 15, 2023.

He was born Feb. 1, 1951, in Wolf Point to Clayton and Irma Nerud. He had two siblings, Mary Jo and Frank. They grew up together outside Circle on the family ranch and spent much of their time in Brush Coulee playing with neighbors.

As an adult, he took over the family ranch and continued ranching for over 40 years until the effects of Multiple Sclerosis forced him to retire.

He attended school in Circle, enjoying his years and activities, especially baseball, but he loved the times he was able get out of school to take part in a cattle drive.

He was happiest on the back of a horse. He broke his first horse at the age of eight and continued for many years, forever remembering each horse along the way. His second love was branding and dragging calves to the fire. As a child, he learned to rope both left- and right-handed so he could stay in the pen longer. He also had a slew of friends and memories from team roping. He was involved with all aspects of roping and rodeo. He joined the local race and rodeo club when he was 18. The rodeo community showed their appreciation by dedicating the 2018 Mc-Cone County rodeo to him for 50 years of commitment. They also made him a lifetime honorary member of the Circle Roping Club.

His service included being on the elevator board and, in his later years, the McCone County stockyard board. In September 2018, he was recognized by Sen. Steve Daines for his years of community

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