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MMM A cold and snowy ….


A cold and snowy Christmas day.

Santa’s on the way.

His reindeer take flight.

Guiding Santa through the night I hear a very jingly sound.

Santa fell down the chimney.

Fireplace crackles, cold miserable nights It’s the Christmas spirit, everyone can feel it but I can’t Presents under the tree, you feel the presence of joy but not from me Snow falls slowly, hate snow Christmas tree, but it’s ugly Miserable nights, into joy and Christmas spirit


Amidst the Winter Wonderland, so pristine and bright, A Christmas tree stands tall, a wondrous sight.

Its branches stretch up high, adorned with lights aglow, A beacon of joy and cheer, as the snow falls slow.

The needles shimmer in the moonlight, oh so fine, And the star atop the tree glimmers, oh so divine.

The scent of pine fills the air, refreshing and light, As children laugh and play, on this festive night.

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